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Backflow Testing

Read below to find common questions and their answers regarding backflow prevention and testing. 

What is a backflow preventer?


    A backflow prevention device is a fancy check-valve installed on your irrigation system.  It is required that every irrigation system has a backflow prevention device to prevent “back-siphonage”.  This is the reversal of the normal flow of water in your sprinkler system.


Why does it have to be tested?


   The water utility in your area sets the parameters for testing backflow devices.  Currently, the Indianapolis Water Co. and Carmel Water both require annual testing of backflow prevention devices for residential irrigation systems. 


Who can test a backflow device?


   Only a state certified technician can test your backflow prevention device.  The most economical way to get your device tested is to have your landscape or irrigation company do the test when they start up your sprinkler system for the season.


When and how often do you test backflow devices?


  Typically, your water utility will ask that you get your backflow prevention device tested in early to late spring because most homeowners turn their irrigation system on for the year in April or May.  The water utility doesn’t want you using a defective device.  Also, since the typical watering season only lasts for 6 months, you only have to have the device tested once a year.

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An irrigation system is an important investment to insure the health of your landscaping.