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Christmas Decor FAQ

Q:  Do we need to buy new decorations from Christmas Decor, or can you install decorations we already have?
A:  We only provide installation of the products we sell.  These professional grade products are of premium quality.  Compare our miniature light sets to those purchased at a discount store and you will be impressed by the clarity and brightness of ours.  Working only with our licensed products also allows us to provide our customers with a guarantee.  The Decorating Proposal you receive during an estimate includes the price for materials and installation.  After the first year, all of these decorations immediately belong to you, the customer.
Q:  How do you attach your lights to my home?  Could it be damaging?
A:  We use non-invasive fasteners that protect your home and display lights with uniform perfection.  In some cases, we may need to affix garland or wreaths by placing permanent anchors into mortar joints.
Q:  How much will re-installation of my decorations cost?
A:  The cost to re-install your decorations in future years will be approximately 40-60% of the amount on your Decorating Proposal the first year.
Q:  Do I have to buy everything on the Decorating Proposal?
A:  No.  Your Decorating Proposal is divided into several separate items.  You may select which items you desire, and add the others in future years.  Of course, selecting all of the suggested items we have priced will immediately reward you with an outstanding display!
Q:  When will you install my lights?
A:  Your installation slot is reserved once we receive your deposit and signed Decorating Proposal.  We have a very short window in which to service all of our customers.  We may provide discounts for early installation at our convenience.  Poor weather conditions directly impact our ability to install your decorations, especially roof lighting.  We recommend that our customers authorize installation as early as possible in order to maximize the enjoyment of their decorations.
Q:  Do I need to be home when you install my lights?
A:  Probably not.  In some cases, we may need to access power from inside your home or garage, but we will let you know if this is the case.
Q:  What if I have problems with my lights?
A:  Your decorations are guaranteed for a period of one season.  Simply call our office, and we will provide you with complimentary service the first year if there is an installation problem or if any of the decorations are inoperative.  (Service calls due to extreme weather, vandalism, or problems due to customers adding their own decorations to our circuits are subject to charges at any time).  In future years, service of your decorations may be subject to service call charges.  We will also charge you for replacement bulbs and/or light strings at a reasonable cost (ask your sales associate for example prices).
Q:  When will you take down my lights?
A:  Takedowns will begin after New Years Day and will proceed geographically.  If you have a specific takedown request, please call our office and we will try to accomodate you.  Takedowns, like installations, are weather dependent.
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