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Do-It-Yourself Irrigation Checks

Don't ignore your system after your early-spring start-up is done.

Late spring is a good time to make sure that your irrigation system is working properly.  Many companies start turning on systems in March so they can have everyone ready for the summer watering season.  This can leave your system sitting dormant for a couple of months or more.  Many things can happen to a system during this time.

Lightning damage is a major contributor to faulty control panels.  Usually, any electrical interference will blow a fuse inside the control panel and leave the controller unharmed.  However, lightning can do significant damage to an irrigation system.  Many people use rain sensors to automatically shut a control panel off when watering is not needed.  But, a faulty rain sensor can permanently shut off a system.  One of the most common problems is a GFI receptacle that has shut off power to the controller.

       Many problems can arise with your irrigation system between the time it is started up and when you start using it.  A good way to check your system is to run a manual cycle on the weekend while you are home.  Don’t wait until mid-June to find out there is a problem with your irrigation system.

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An irrigation system is an important investment for the health of your landscaping.